Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste

Trash Pick-Up

Trash pick-up is collected by J.P. Mascaro on Tuesday.

Please set your trash out curbside no earlier than the night before.

A $2.00 sticker is required for each bag (33 gallon max). There is a 50 lb. weight limit on bags.

Bulk items (anything that does not fit in a 33 gallon bag) require three (3) stickers per item. Some examples are mattresses, box springs, large appliances, and furniture.

Mattresses and box springs must be wrapped in plastic.

For microwaves, please call the administrative office (570-457-8852).

All other (i.e., televisions, computers, etc.) must be brought to the Lackawanna County Recycling Center. Please call 570-963-6868 for additional information.

Garbage stickers can be purchased at the following locations:

  • Ary’s Xpress – Main Street
  • Convenient Food Mart – Main Street
  • Convenient Food Mart –  Moosic Road
  • Northeast Ace Hardware – Main Street
  • Old Forge Pharmacy – Main Street
  • Sayona – Keyser Avenue
  • Turkey Hill – Main Street
  • Gerrity’s – Birney Avenue, Moosic
  • Price Chopper – Main Street, Taylor


The Old Forge DPW Workers pick- up recycling. Recycling containers are available at the administrative office (Monday thru Friday) between the hours of 8:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m. Recycling alternates between paper/cardboard and bottles/cans. Please view the calendar on the home page for schedule.

What to Recycle

Glass, Cans, Plastic — Glass bottles and jars (no tops), aluminum and steel cans, beverage containers, plastic bottles, jars, tubs, milk, yogurt, soda, soup, margarine containers, pots and pans, small metal appliances (such as toasters, irons), aerosol cans.
Please rinse out all bottles, jars, and containers.

Paper — Phone books, magazines, catalogs, hard and soft cover books, mail and envelopes, cereal and cracker boxes, pizza boxes, lightweight and shipping boxes, paper towel rolls, egg cartons, cardboard juice and milk containers, paper you can write on, wrapping paper. Shredded paper can be put in a clear bag.

What Not to Recycle

Food wrappers, plant pots, utensils, drinking glasses, plastic bags and wrap, paper or foam dishes/cups, snack bags, styrofoam, light bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, eyeglasses, windows, plastic cups, mirrors, toys, straws, mugs, scrap metal, needles & syringes, oil/antifreeze containers.

Yard Waste

Yard waste is collected by DPW beginning in April through November (weather permitted). Please put yard waste curbside Wednesday night and it will be picked up either Thursday or Friday. Leaf pick-up takes place in the Fall as the weather permits.

Street Schedule